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Open Opportunities in SASA Administration


In charge of overseeing the operational and strategic activities of the organization, managing financial resources, coordinating daily operations, and supporting the development of the mission and programs of the association.

Responsible for overseeing the operational and strategic management of social media channels, creating and curating content, analyzing engagement metrics, and implementing social media strategies to enhance brand presence and engagement.

Responsible for overseeing human resources functions, including recruitment, employee relations, training and development, compensation and benefits, and ensuring compliance with employment laws and policies.

Responsible for strategically managing relationships with universities and industry partners to foster collaborations and knowledge exchange. Executes marketing and communication campaigns, analyzes market trends, manages brand presence, and optimizes communication channels to enhance brand awareness and engagement.

Coordinates research initiatives aimed at advancing the development of the space economy. They oversee interdisciplinary teams, manage strategic planning, budget allocation, and cultivate partnerships with aerospace companies, research institutions, and government entities. Ensuring compliance with space regulations and assessing risks are integral to fostering economic growth and sustainability within the space sector.

The Security Manager is responsible for overseeing security operations, including policy development, risk assessments, personnel management, and coordination with law enforcement. They ensure compliance with regulations and safeguard prototypes during testing phases.

Specializes in legal issues pertaining to space exploration and aviation industries, focusing on regulatory compliance, licensing, liability, and intellectual property rights. They advise stakeholders on international treaties, airspace management, and contribute to policy development in these fields.

Vacancies are open to all interested, find out more about the requirements.

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